IntegraSea is a very unique type of food supplement. It is a wholesome product – dried juice concentrate, of the edible seaweed Laminaria, commonly known as “Sea cabbage”.

It takes a hefty 40 kilograms of wild grown and hand harvested seaweed to make one kilo of finished product. High mineral potency of IntegraSea is achieved by using a vast amount of raw Laminaria plant.

There are no chemicals involved in creating IntegraSea. High pressure water extraction skins off the rubbery outer layers of seaweed plant and a cold vacuum spray drying method, preserves the inner mineral-rich content of the Laminaria leaves.This simple natural process makes IntegraSea fully digestible and highly effective.

All nutritional properties remain in mineral state and are enhanced in this product. They are made truly bio-available for all mammals, large and small, to eat and benefit.

IntegraSea Natural Seaweed Extract 250g
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